A Lifeline In A Stormy Sea


Neopolitan Lighthouse’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative was designed in response to the lack of available violence support services for children and adolescents on the west side of Chicago. Whether it is the effects of being raised in an abusive household where a parent or family member is a victim of domestic violence, or being involved in a bullying situation, youth are impacted in many ways by violence. Neopolitan Lighthouse’s Outreach Coordinator provides children and teens with domestic violence counseling, anti-bullying advocacy, education, and referral information as needed.

School Intervention Project:

Neopolitan Lighthouse’s Outreach Coordinator works with local schools to educate students about bullying and family violence. The Outreach Coordinator provides educational programs to increase awareness about bullying and family violence to students at local elementary and middle schools. The project reaches students in grades 3-8. Neopolitan Lighthouse’s educational programs include information on the dynamics of bullying and domestic violence, achieving healthy relationships, and peaceful conflict resolution skills. The students participate in several violence prevention sessions which incorporate the use of lectures, discussions, games, small group activities, and role playing techniques. The students also consider how violence portrayed in the news, magazines, television, movies, music, etc., contributes to domestic and societal violence.

Other Youth Programs:

Neopolitan Lighthouse’s Outreach Coordinator also conducts violence prevention programs at local area youth centers, teen parenting programs, and church youth groups.

For more information about our youth programs, please contact Neopolitan Lighthouse at (773)638-0228.