A Lifeline In A Stormy Sea


Walk-in Counseling for Adults and Children

Neopolitan Lighthouse’s walk-in counseling program provides domestic violence victims with supportive counseling. Free individual counseling is available at the administrative office. The walk-in counseling program is designed to assist victims and their children who are in need of domestic violence support services, but for whom shelter is either not needed, appropriate or the option of choice. The walk-in counseling program provides the opportunity for female and male victims to receive support in a private setting where they feel safe and comfortable. Counselors are available to assist victims in examining their situations and exploring possible options. The walk-in counseling program also assists victims who are fulfilling their court mandated domestic violence counseling requirements for the court system and/or the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Walk-in counseling services are also available to former shelter residents who are now living independently. Neopolitan Lighthouse recognizes how difficult the transition from shelter life to independent living can be for some survivors, and how crucial it is for women to receive ongoing support during this time. The Walk-in counseling program, therefore, provides an opportunity for women to receive support as they begin to break the cycles of violence which have affected their lives.

The individual counseling services described above are free for survivors of domestic violence. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact us at (773) 638-0228.