A Lifeline In A Stormy Sea


Our Children’s Programs

Neopolitan Lighthouse recognizes the devastating effects domestic violence can have on children. An extensive children’s program was created to assist the smallest victims of domestic violence with their healing processes.

Children residing at Neopolitan Lighthouse’s shelter facility receive individual and group counseling, conflict resolution skills, and advocacy services to help them learn to identify and reconcile their feelings associated with the abuse they witnessed or experienced directly. Examples of group topics and activities include safety, arts, feelings, peaceful conflict resolution, family interaction, field trips, structured and non-structured play, etc.

Educational Services:
Neopolitan Lighthouse is also committed to ensuring that children do not fall behind academically due to their transition into a shelter facility. Children are required to either remain in their original school or be enrolled in the neighborhood school within 72 hours of their arrival at Neopolitan Lighthouse. Children’s staff assist with the school enrollment of all school-aged children residing at the shelter.  The children’s staff provide after-school tutoring and may, with the parent’s consent, meet with teachers to discuss how the children are doing in their new environment.

Mental Health Services:
Children who witness violence may become traumatized and suffer from a variety of psychological symptoms. To address the overt and covert symptoms of trauma, Neopolitan Lighthouse contracts a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) to provide mental health services for children at the shelter facility. The Social Worker also consults with parents to address the parents’ concerns and assist them in providing support for their children.